• Tara Nichol

"A bit too Much..."©

© Timothy Haynes Photography, 2018.

A bit too much for you and a bit too much for me,

- but being just a bit too much is all I can you see.

- I'm either over-flowing in a way that's too exciting,

- or I'm dull and drab and dark and so much less enticing.

- but it's hard to be too much in life, and it's hard to be too less.


For when I'm less I second guess and feel myself depressing, and when I'm too much I don't slow down to think what I'm expressing.


I let it go and ride the waves, seeing where it takes me, feeling free and happy as if not a thing could break me.


And then I crash and lose my cool, there's nothing there to save me,

from my never-ending thoughts, they work so hard to cave me,

feeling off me everyday its almost like they crave me...


they hate me, but they need me, 'cause without me,

what would they be?

© Tara Nichol, 2018.

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© Tara Nichol "A Journey in Self Discovery" 2019.