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"A Journey in Self-Discovery":


Welcome to my site!  Here I've created what I like to think of as a "Tara Nichol Headquarters" or a generally safe space for me to share my thoughts, creations and ideas. 


I've chosen to present my content in a unique blog-like form, doing so not only allows me to share my photos, videos, and other visual content but also express my thoughts in more depth and provide more details for those who may be interested. 


Choosing to be more transparent is really about allowing myself to be okay with "living in real time", being flawed, and overall accepting the human experience for what it is. 


Instead of trying to live up to expectations of perfection all the time or simply keeping myself out of the race for fear of falling short of those expectations, this is about putting myself out there even if I fail or fall short.  People may judge me, but this isn't about them. 


This is about choosing to celebrate my failures by actively treating them as lessons, and with each new lesson comes new knowledge to guide me, bringing me closer toward my own personal success.   


As much as this is a journey of self discovery, by sharing my experiences I aim to uplift and inspire others as well.  If my words can bring joy, peace, or understanding to someone who may need it then that itself has added tremendous value to my life! 


Of course, I don't claim to have all the answers and I can only speak of my own experiences; so please DO NOT belittle my process, I'm still learning. 


Instead, I'd like to formally invite you to join the conversation and help spread your wisdom and perspective with the rest of us!  Rather than hoard it for yourself while bashing myself or others for not automatically seeing your point of view, help us learn to see it!  That's also what this is all about!


It's about starting small, often over-looked conversations, and spreading awareness about causes that tend to slip through the cracks. 


But most of all, this is about self-discovery and personal growth.   


In the course of finding myself I hope to discover the courage to follow my true path, or my "life's calling," it would be a dream to utilize my passions and creative talents in a way I could help others.  


In addition to serving as a personal outlet, I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to use my newfound voice to start important conversations, increase awareness, bring forth new perspectives, and become more open-minded myself as I continue to grow along with all of you in the process!

Thanks for reading!

-Tara Nichol 

© Tara Nichol "A Journey in Self Discovery" 2019.